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I don’t want to be anemic. How should I act?

I don’t want to be anemic. How should I act? Anemia is a condition in which the amount of red blood cells is lower than normal. As a result, the body brings oxygen to various organs. Less, causing the body to cause abnormalities. Warning signs of the disease usually

10 food pairs you shouldn’t eat together

10 food pairs you shouldn’t eat together. In one meal, many people would like to eat several foods at the same time. But there are some foods that can be harmful to the body if eaten together. The food pairs that should not be eaten together include

Knowledgeable about eggs, eating them is good and beneficial.

Knowledgeable about eggs, eating them is good and beneficial. Eggs are considered a food that must be in every home. Because it’s simple food. that are beneficial to the body It also plays an important role in weight control. muscle strength quality pregnancy brain function Eye health and more  But for patients

Fiber and its properties to relieve constipation

Fiber which is a component of plants. It is a nutrient that the body cannot digest like other nutrients. Such as fat, protein, or carbohydrates and does not provide energy to the body. There are 2 types of fiber: Both of these types are beneficial to the digestive


Herbs are used as main ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties if used in small amounts. It contains Phenolic Compounds substances. That are claimed to help relieve stomach irritation and reduce stomach contractions. This means that eating ginger menu

What are the health benefits of Chickpeas?

This is because Chickpeas are rich in many nutrients. Many people therefore believe that this nut may have health benefits and may help prevent certain diseases. As a result, there have been many scientific studies pointing out the properties of chickpeas in various aspects as follows: Control

Foods to relieve constipation.

Diet for constipation is a simple method that many people can make at home. It is the primary treatment for constipation by eating foods. That help stimulate the digestive system to work better. Foods that may help with constipation may include the following:ทางเข้า UFABET Fruits and

Brown rice reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Brown rice is rice that has not been refined. Therefore, it still has more nutrients than white rice. Many people therefore believe that eating brown rice is beneficial to the body in many ways. Such as benefiting people who want to lose weight. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Benefits of high fiber foods.

Fiber foods are a type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest. Fiber can be separated into 2 types: soluble fiber that helps reduce fat and blood sugar levels, found in oatmeal, apples and carrots. And insoluble fiber that helps increase the work of the digestive system and