Our privacy policy states that we do not disclose any personal information collected by Printer Issue at any cost. Information that we collect from our clients is very delicate and Printer Issue. do not appreciate disclosing any kind of personal information to any other third party. details such as card information, name, email, address & contact information are very sensitive ones and we hereby, declare that all these information will be treated as such from our side. the information that we collect from our client is for the benefits that we can provide them in the best possible way. Printer Issue gathers this information to create a confidential database to register the client with us and for future perspective as well. these information help Printer Issue. to track down our client’s and to serve them as committed while rendering services to them. If a user registers to use the service provided by Printer Issue., we will collect credit card/debit card information, and other payment information necessary to complete a payment from the user. this privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it. the information that we collect is used in a variety of ways: for internal review; to improve the content of the site, thus making your user experience more valuable; to notify you about updates to the service, and to let you know about products and services that you may be interested in. submitting your information on our website constitutes acceptance of this privacy policy. Printer Issue. may use a third party to process and verify credit cards for billing purposes.