5 common printer issues and how to fix them

5 common printer issues and how to fix them

It doesn’t matter that whether we are in the office or at our home, printer plays an important role in our day to day activity, from generating reports to pictures. For everyone, it is not possible to watch the reports or pictures or sometimes for us also it is not possible to present everything on the screen. Here are 5 common printer issues and how to fix them in the day to day life.


1. The printer is online: Ink is low; View the ink details

If you are regularly using the printer, you might have come across with the situation and must be familiar with the dialogue box that prompts on the screen. This is the early warning system designed to inform the user that your printer ink is low and you need to replace it. Otherwise, your printer may get damaged. This damage is extremely expensive to fix and can cause permanent damage to the printer. If you have received this message this means that there must be 50 percent of the ink is remaining in your cartridge.


2. The most frequent paper jams

Paper jams are most common. Every printer experiences the paper jams once in a while. Let me remind you that if your printer is facing jams frequently then it is a sign of the major problem. Make a check regularly


1. Make sure your loaded paper is of the correct size

2. The width and thickness of the paper should be correct and able to fit in. Otherwise, it will clog with drums.

3. Maintain the humidity of the place where your printer and paper are placed. The humidity can cause the paper to swell and thus, change in the thickness.


3. Unwanted lines, marks, and spots on the paper

This problem is the cause of wastage of papers and letterheads, many of you might have seen the pile of waste papers and torn letterheads. This is the possibility that the problem is with print drum, feeder or toner leaking.


Toner leaks- The cartridges leaks and comes into the rollers or other mechanical assemblies.

Lines or fleck- The black lines or flecks often comes while printing. It is a sign that your ink is low or there is an obstruction in the laser.

Horizontal lines- The most possible cause it laser contamination and laser malfunction

Clean it with gentle glass cleaner and with a microfiber cloth. This is something you should not put your in, call printer technical support or appoint a technician for it.


4. Network problem

It takes too long to print or the prints are in the queue but the printer is not printing or not responding after giving the print command. It is a possible case of weak network or the improper connection.


Wireless printer- Many people connect their printer via wifi. Try repositioning the router and install the proper IP in your system.

USB printers- The bunch of wires creates so many hurdles. This happens sometimes when the printer is connected to so many systems and the wires are not connected properly. Check your LAN and USB cables

Check your network settings- Try resetting your printers start menu> settings> devices> Printers and scanners> manage.


5. Double images or Ghost images

The ghost print is something when you print something on the paper, then you print another one, same image over the print. The reasons behind the why this ghost print comes.


Imaging drum- The malfunctioning of the imaging drum and the fuser might be the cause. When the drum comes to the end of life cycle.

Humidity- Humidity can affect the toner cartridge.

Incorrect paper type- The printed image can be transferred during the fusing process. If the paper is too glossy, or inappropriate for printing.

Check your imaging drum is not near the end of the cycle, Maintain the humidity and temperature of the paper and printer.