Drink too much water, be careful of your health.

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Too little water is bad, but too much water is bad for your health.

“Water” is an important factor in the livelihood of every living thing. as you know Without food for up to 7 days, but with only 3 days without water, it can cause death. But did you know that drinking too much water can also damage your health?

Nowadays there is a trend to drinking too much water. Some people use gadgets to set reminders to drink water. Some people carry a large water bottle. that indicates how much water should be consumed in what time Some use a method to determine how many liters of water to drink in 1 day. Because drinking enough water is very useful, whether it is.

  • Helps the circulatory system to be normal Prevent viscous blood
  • Helps the digestive system
  • help the metabolic system
  • help digestion
  • Helps promote kidney function
  • Good for the brain and nervous system

But do you believe that drinking too much water? It can cause damage as well.

Drink too much water! What’s broken?

lower than normal sodium

drinking too much water Causing water to dilute mineral salts in the body especially sodium Which should be about 135-145 mEg/L. But if drinking water until the sodium is reduced to less than 135 mEg/L., it will cause symptoms.

  • confused
  • cramps
  • sleepy
  • unconscious

lower than normal potassium

Another mineral that can become imbalanced by drinking too much water. When potassium is low, it will cause

  • low blood pressure
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • risk of paralysis

swollen cells

Sodium and Potassium are essential minerals. that makes it responsible for maintaining fluid balance in the body between cells and blood But if drinking too much water It’s not just the balance of minerals. But it also causes water to enter the cells. until the cells swell up will cause symptoms

  • have a headache
  • whip
  • unconscious
  • Lips, hands and feet are swollen.
  • may die

muscle cramps 

caused by muscle spasms and cause cramps

kidneys work hard

when drinking too much water The organs that will work hard are the kidneys because they have to filter excess water from the blood more than usual. resulting in chronic kidney disease and spread to other diseases such as heart and blood vessels

If the kidneys are unable to filter excess water from the body, it causes

  • squeamish
  • vomit
  • diarrhea
  • tired

the heart is working hard

when excess water enters the bloodstream will increase the blood volume The heart will work harder. until it can cause seizures

How much water to drink

It is a question that many people may still wonder. Too little is not good. It’s not good to drink too much. And how should I drink this? Admin also has a formula to calculate the amount of drinking water for you.

The formula is body weight x 2.2 x 30 / 2, it will be done with the amount of drinking in milliliters.

For example, body weight 50 x 2.2 x 30 / 2 = 1,650 ml or equal, should drink 1.65 liters of water.

For good drinking water, drink 2 glasses after waking up. because the body does not receive water at all continuously for a long time all night After that, slowly sip little by little.

Source: UFABET