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Herbs are used as main ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties if used in small amounts. It contains Phenolic Compounds substances. That are claimed to help relieve stomach irritation and reduce stomach contractions. This means that eating ginger menu may help reduce stomach acid or gastric juice from backing up into the esophagus. But if eaten in excessive amounts. It may make symptoms worse as well. In terms of scientific evidence to help confirm the properties and medicinal properties of ginger. There is still not enough. There are currently no studies on the properties of ginger that can treat or relieve symptoms of acid reflux. And There is only research on ginger and compounds such as gingerol or Shogaol as helping to prevent nausea from motion sickness UFABET

Most people believe that eating. Which is a familiar herb or spice, is quite safe. But it can cause side effects to the body, such as stomach irritation. Heartburn, diarrhea, gas in the stomach Including other precautions. 

Consult your doctor before starting to take or supplements that contain ginger. Because it may cause unwanted reactions such as

  • People with gallbladder problems should be eaten with caution. Because it may stimulate the flow of bile.
  • Those who are pregnant Although no evidence has been found that it affects the safety of mothers and babies.
  • People who regularly take these medicines, such as diabetes medicine. Blood pressure medicine Medicines in the anticoagulant group, etc.
  • May not be safe for people who bleed easily. Because eating ginger may cause blood to flow more easily than before.