Sleepy often. Did you know that the risk of disease?

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being sleepy all the time, even though we sleep a lot Or have frequent yawning, yawning, in fact, the body may be trying to tell the signs of these diseases.

Drowsiness doesn’t always mean that you don’t get enough rest last night. It may be a sign of some disease as well. 


Because the circulatory system is not perfect, it can cause exhaustion. sleepiness more than usual In addition, women with menstruation This condition may occur as well. 


Whether both hyperthyroid or hypothyroidism All caused by abnormalities of the thyroid gland. which the body may show this abnormality through drowsiness 


With type 2 diabetes, sleepiness is one of the signs of the disease. In addition, there are frequent peeing pains, easy tiredness, numbness of the fingertips and toes, which are often drowsy. You must try to observe yourself. 


People who snore tend to have poor sleep quality. causing insufficient rest It can cause drowsiness. 


Stress affects hormones. causing the system in the body to not work normally Including rest 

kidney disease

is another cause of drowsiness In addition, there are also joint symptoms, namely dark circles under the eyes, weight loss, and fatigue easily if these symptoms occur. You should see a doctor urgently. 

Which way to see a doctor 

when sleepiness is interfering with daily life or cause problems such as extreme drowsiness while driving, etc. 

For those who are sleepy all the time feeling exhausted despite getting enough rest Should consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis. The body will return to good physical health. bright mental health

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