Contact Printer Support phone number
Contact Printer Support phone number

Well, if you are stuck in between of your work because of a nonfunctioning printer, you might be looking to Contact Printer Support phone number. Printer Issue is dedicated to providing reliable and trustable online Printer Technical Support service through its Printer Helpline Number. It is possible that you come across a variety of brands whose Printer Support Number is being mentioned on the internet. Printer Issue support experts take a step ahead for you by providing voice support, printer chats support and even email support for your printer problems. Feel free contacting our Toll-Free with your support request at 1-888-502-0552.

Facing a technical challenge in today’s life is not new to anyone, and same is true with printers. Users who are working either at the office or a small setup from your home must be familiar with such printer issues. In today’s tech-savvy world these gadgets give us ease or comfort to do our task hassle- free but sometimes can obstruct our work for a while or a longer duration. A computer connected to a printer might not print when you need it badly, and a lot of efforts are required to diagnose the problem.

Printer Issue is specially designed to get your issue resolved and to save your time. Printer support technicians are just a call away. Our technicians are trained and specialized in addressing the issue related to any brand or type of printer.  Just Contact Printer Support phone number and share your printer issue with a technician. Printer support technicians will understand your problem and try to diagnose it. We can save your lot of time by remotely getting connected to your computer and fixing the issue for you.

General printer troubleshooting

Some common printer problems occur every day, working in office, homes and shops, schools, government institutions. It can occur anywhere. The general printer problems are:

  1. Printer jam or No paper
  2. Cables are not connected properly
  3. Printer error messages (error codes)
  4. The power indicator LED is not turned up
  5. Inject printer (ink related issues)
  6. Printer drivers are not installed properly
  7. Spooler problem
  8. Problem with the network printers
  9. Problem with the wireless printers
  10. Loaded queue
  11. Unable to print from a mobile device
  12. New cartridge not working.

Contact Printer Support phone number for HP error codes

Error codes are certainly something that passes over the head because of the technicality associated with it. A dialogue box flashes and flashes with an error code when there is some malfunctioning with the printer. These error codes help in diagnosing the problem. Some of the common printer error codes and reasons associated with them are as follow:

  1. Error 11- This means that the printer is out of paper
  2. Error 12- This means that there is no cartridge
  3. Error 13- This means that there is a paper jam
  4. Error 16- This is an indication that the toner on the printer is low
  5. Error 21- Printer overrun
  6. Error 55- The printer is not receiving the full instructions from a computer
  7. Error 20- Insufficient memory
  8. Error 43- Communication gap between the PCA and optical interface
  9. Error 49- Corrupt data, invalid printing commands
  10. Error 51- Problem with the laser scanner (beam error)
  11. Error 55- Dc controller not getting proper instruction upon start-up
  12. Error 57- Motor problem

Contact Printer Support phone number for Canon error codes

  1. E13- Cartridges ran out of ink
  2. E16- Change your empty ink, close the paper output cover
  3. U162- Replace empty cartridges (press and hold stop/reset/resume for 10 sec)
  4. E04- Cartridge has not been installed properly
  5. 1682- Unable to recognize the cartridge
  6. E06- Paper output cover is open
  7. E08- Ink absorber is full
  8. E10- The loaded paper is not compatible with automatic duplex printing
  9. E17- Font tray is closed
  10. P07- Machine error

Contact Printer Support phone number for Lexmark error codes

  1. Error 20- The paper has been jammed
  2. Error 23- Jam at the duplex unit
  3. Error 24- Defined paper size is short
  4. Error 26- Duplex unit is installed but the paper tray is not sensed
  5. Error 31- Top cover is closed and defected cartridge
  6. Error 32- Incorrect printer cartridge installed
  7. Error 44- The font card installed is defective
  8. Error 52- Not enough memory
  9. Error 59- Top cover is opened
  10. Error 84- Drum exhausted / replace

Printer support Number for Brother error codes

  1. Error codes (30-39)- The possible reason is a paper jam
  2. Error code (40-44)- High Internal temperature
  3. Error code 46- Replace ink absorber
  4. Error code 48- There is a problem in print head
  5. Error code 49- Low internal temperature
  6. Error code E50- The problem is with the fuser unit
  7. Error code E51- The problem is with the laser unit
  8. Error code 8F- The problem is in feed motor
  9. Error code E2- The possible cause is in the PCB
  10. Error code (A5-A7)- There problem is with the scanner

Contact Printer Support phone number for Ricoh error codes

  1. Error code 0119- Upper tractor jam
  2. Error code 0131- The tension arm is down
  3. Error code 0132- The tension arm is up
  4. Error code 0133- Skew error
  5. Error Code 0134- Fuser wrap
  6. Error code 0161- The stacker creating jams
  7. Error code 0785- Change the toner collector
  8. Error code 0786- Add the toner
  9. Error code 079B- Install the toner cartridge
  10. Error code 079C- Toner supply is low

Printer Support number for Android or iPhone

In today’s tech-savvy world, we can easily print from our smartphones and tablets powered by Android, running more than 80 percent of the smartphones and devices. You can easily give prints from your android phones, iPhone, iPad, and tablet by connecting to the same network on which a wireless printer is installed. We sometimes find it difficult to connect our devices to a printer. The major problems occur, ‘unable to find the device’, ‘No supported devices found, ‘cables are not connected to the phone’. We are here to resolve. Google cloud print offers a great printing option for Android devices.

We provide support for various brands Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, Panasonic, HP, Kodak, Samsung, Dell, Epson, brothers, Lenovo, Canon, Asus and many others. The brand doesn’t matter because the issues behind connectivity are same for most of the printers. The major changes with manufacturers are with the hardware and printer software. Printer issue support team has a dedicated printer technical support toll free number. We have helped our multiple clients in resolving a variety of technical issue around the globe. Contact Printer Support phone number for an instant fix for your Printer Issues.

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