My printer shows error code 0xF1

My printer shows error code 0xF1


If your printer shows an error code 0xF1 you might have landed on a printer issue which needs to be well diagnosed. Generally, error 0xF1 comes whenever a paper jam is being encountered on a printer.  In such cases, your printer screen will flash this error code. If you have been printing a large number of documents, you are most likely to encounter this message, this case is mostly found with old printers.

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Let’s start with few troubleshooting steps to clear error code 0xF1


1. Power Flush Printer. Plug out the power cable from your printer while is the printer is on, and flush the power. Re-plug the power cord and restart your printer. Check if you still find the error code, flushing out the power will do a soft reset to the printer

2. Check the Automatic Document Feeder ( ADF) and remove any documents or object found inside it.

3. If still the error remains, open the duplexer and check it for any paper jam.

4. Also, check the scanner unit of the printer to find any clogged paper out there.

5. If still the issue pertains with help of a flashlight, check nearby the ink cartridges, if there is any clogged ink or head section is moving properly or not.


Consult a technician if trying these steps still does not resolve your issue. Printer Issue is dedicated to providing printer support for error code 0xF1 contact our support team for instant support session.