Printer Setup Support Phone number
Printer Setup Support Phone number

If you are finding a solution for this question “How to set up my printer online” either you have bought a new printer, or you just got disconnected to your network (Maybe you installed a new internet connection). Printer setup is one of the most annoying tasks because you have to go through wires, computers, internet networks and all you don’t want to mess. Here we are, your Printer Support Technicians to help you with these setup challenges. Our expert technicians provide pioneer Printer technical Support for printer setup issues, where you can get your printers installed at the peace of your home, and you don’t need to call any tech guy at your home or office. Call our Printer Setup Support Phone number +1-888-502-0552 for instant support.

Here are two primary ways how a printer can be set up.

  1. Wired Printer Setup
  2.  Wireless Printer Setup

Wired Printer Setup

As the name refers to wired printer setup means installing a printer with the help of a wired connection. Physical contact with the help of a USB or LAN cable is required for a successful wired connection.

USB Printer Setup

One of the most common setup techniques used by maximum users is USB printer setup. It is common as people are generally familiar with the use of USB cable and it’s almost a plug and plays service. Here is an overview how you can quickly setup USB connection.

  1. Connect your printer to the computer with the help of a USB cable
  2. Turn on your printer
  3. Insert Software Installation Disc from OEM
  4. Follow on-screen instructions for a successful setup confirmation
  5. Print Test page or start from step 1 again

LAN Printer Setup

LAN printer setup is one of the advanced troubleshooting methods, which is generally used by technicians. For a LAN setup, you need to ensure there is a direct cable connection between your router and your printer; this will help your router to assign your printer an IP Address. Once your printer is assigned an IP, install it by software installation package or use default Operating system setup method.

Wireless Printer Setup

Wireless printer setup is the more challenging part of installing a printer as you need to have an understanding of your internet network for this. Our printer support technicians have expertise in network setup for printers and can save your time and energy on such issues. We will share some standard ways of printer setup which can help you in creating a successful network connection.

Network SSID

Network SSID refers to the name of your wireless network with which you want to make your printer wireless. To print wireless, you will have to connect your printer first to a wireless network. From your printer setup menu search for Wireless setup wizard and select SSID. Now it will search and show all your wireless networks. Connect to your wifi connection. It indicates success or active wireless signals at the end of a successful relationship. Confirm by printing a test page or check network status report for further diagnosis.

WPS or Push Button

The second most common and more natural way to connect a printer is through a push or WPS button. For this method, your router should have the push button service. From your printer’s setup wizard select the push button method. Now go to your router and press the push button on the router. Your printer will start searching for your router on a successful connection you will find connected status or check network report for further diagnosis.

WPS PIN Method

You can also connect your printer to a WPS Pin or access PIN. You can find this pin from your printer screen by going in setup wizard > WPS Pin method. Enter the WPS Pin on router page and see the printer through your router.

Printer setup is also device specific in specific instances, Try following steps for a particular method or operating system.

How to add the printer in Windows 10- Printer setup in windows 10

There are different types of windows versions running, and it comes with the challenge of connecting hardware peripherals, one of them is “how to add a printer in windows.” The functions are different in different versions of windows. Our technicians give online printer setup service and help on Printer Setup Support Phone number.

Add printer in Windows 10

The most common way to connect your printer with PC is using the USB cable. Please follow the step to add a local printer.

  1. Connect your printer using USB
  2. Open the settings tab from the start menu
  3. Click devices
  4. Under the devices click on Printers and scanners
  5. Click on add a printer or scanner
  6. Check weather windows detects your printer or not
  7. If you can see your printer listed below click on the printer name and follow the instructions.

If the printer is unable to find your printer or if the printer is not listed or connected. Click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed.” Then the windows troubleshoot guide will guide you to resolve your issue.

How to add a wireless printer to Windows 10

A wireless printer connects to your pc, laptop, phone or tablet and you can quickly get rid of the bunch of wires and cables. Configuring wireless printer is a significant challenge and can be a tedious job if you do not understand how wireless networks function. Modern printer drivers are automatically detected if your printer is already connected to the system. To add a wireless printer in Windows 10, follow the steps below to install the wireless printer :

  1. Use your printer LCD panel, scroll and enter the wireless printer setup.
  2. Select your wifi network (Your SSID would be required, to find your SSID hover your mouse over wifi icon).
  3. After, proceed with entering your wifi password.

The process mentioned above might be different for different brands. There are various niche brands in the marketing, and the major problem is the setup sometimes might be uncommon and peculiar. To overcome this problem, you can contact our Printer Setup Support Phone number.

Printer setup in Tally & Printer Setup Support Phone number for the tally

Tally ERP is essential software for financial management and sometimes manages the financial report and collects the news. It helps the person to maintain the financial statements from anywhere and can access it from anywhere. The printer setup in tally is required to print the financial reports. The common problem comes with tally ERP are:

  1. Tally printing problem.
  2. Invoice printing configuration inTally ERP 9.
  3. Tally voucher printing settings.
  4. Tally invoice printing customization.
  5. The printer is not showing in the tally.
  6. Tally 7.2 printing problem.

How to print in Tally ERP 9

Please follow the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Go to start menu and select control panel.
  2. Select Hardware and sound and click printers
  3. Locate your printer and check whether it is installed correctly (if there is yellow triangle then it is not installed correctly)
  4. The possible cause maybe the drivers are not installed correctly.
  5. Try to reinstall the drivers and check.

Printer Setup Support Phone number for Mac

To set up a printer for Mac is easy. Follow the following step for Mac os X 10.5 or newer:

  1. Select system preferences from the Apple menu
  2. Double click on PrApplend scan or fax
  3. In the print and scan window; click on the + sign button left below.
  4. Click on the IP tab in the print browser
  5. You will see a protocol tab set it to your printer- socket
  6. In the address tab above: IP address of the printer
  7. Leave queue blank

The common problems occur while doing printer setup in Mac os and devices:

  1. Printer setup in MacBook Pro
  2. Printer setup in Mac Os X
  3. Wireless printer setup in Mac
  4. Network printer setup in Mac
  5. Printer setup utility in Mac

Printer setup in Android phone

Smartphone in today’s world gives us the advantage to utilize it for many resources and thus, there are many things in our day to day life, moved to smartphones. Printers are one of the Smartphone’s having operating system Android gives us the option to print the documents, photo from the Android phone. The common problems that comes while printing with android phones:

  1. How to print from android phone to network printer
  2. How to print from android phone via wifi
  3. How to print from android via USB
  4. How to print from phone via wireless printer
  5. How do I add a printer to my android phone
  6. Mobile printing app for android
  7. How do I write from chrome on android

There are some apps that are designed mainly by the brands of the printers. These apps are easy to use but sometimes robust to configure. Users can contact our Printer Setup Support Phone number for help.

Here are some steps which will help you to do printer setup on the android phone.

  1. Tap settings
  2. Tap More
  3. More networks
  4. Add your printer
  5. Print

Add a printer to your iPhone

You can also print from your iPhone. The iPhone is a different segment of smartphones. You can add a printer to your iPhones and make your printing task easier. Just like android phones, it is straightforward to print from your phones. The common problem that occurs to add a printer to your phone are :

  1. How do I print from my iPhone
  2. How to enable AirPrint on a printer
  3. How to print from iPhone to canon printer
  4. How do I make my printer AirPrint?
  5. How to print from iPhone to hp printer
  6. How do I set up AirPrint on my printer?
  7. How do I change paper size printing from my iPhone?

How to use AirPrint to print from your iPhone, iPad

  1. First, please ensure that your printer prints Airprint
  2. Please make sure that your printer and iPhone or pad connected to the same wifi network or not
  3. Tap the app’s share icon, and there you will get the print icon
  4. Tap the printers from the listed printers
  5. Choose the number of copies
  6. Tap print in the right upper corner

Printers are essential peripherals for business and home; We are dedicated to providing hassle free services to client where printer support technicians are just a call away. Feel free contacting our Printer Setup Support Phone number for live chat and voice support sessions.

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