Dalot praised team best performance of season.

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Diogo Dalot, Manchester United defender, praised the team’s best performance of the season with their team play in the 2-1 FA Cup final win over Manchester City.

Manchester United have had a disappointing performance in the league and have been criticized throughout the season ยูฟ่าเบท. But he left behind by showing off his good form, defeating Manchester United impressively 2-1, earning him the FA Cup championship and a ticket to compete in the Europa League next season.

Dalot said after the game: “It’s the best way to start the game. Hard work, patience, and this was the best game of the season in terms of team play.”

“We knew if we could close down the middle and let them play on the flanks. It will be easier for us. and know there is space behind them.”

“You could feel it in the dressing room before the game that we really wanted to win the game. This is the standard at this club and it must be like this every game. It feels great to finish the season with the trophy.”

“We could have done better all season. But it feels good for us and especially the fans. They have been amazing all season and more than anyone else. They deserve this.”