Are you worried why won’t your printer print?


We often face troubles regarding our printer. Sometimes, we don’t have any clue ‘why won’t my printer print’. We waste our whole day to troubleshoot the printer issue. This is a very tedious process and can hinder our work or waste our whole day and week. There are so many printer issues we face every day. After, so much of drill, we left no stone unturned to just fix it.
After all the efforts we finally make to find the solution with the Google. We search for printer technical support number. There are printer issues we face everyday life. The common printer problems like

  1. Printer doesn’t print the whole pages- click the menu settings > click print. To adjust the settings > beside the printer selector >print preview settings> change the settings> print
  2. Printer doesn’t print barcodes- The issue differs from printer to printer depending upon the brand but the common problem is there is a barcode font that most of us often don’t remember.
  3. Printer doesn’t work with windows 10- The windows 10 have come up with new challenges. There may be a driver issue because the drivers are sometimes different with different windows.
  4. Printer won’t print anything- There may be a connectivity issue
  5. Printer can’t connect with Mac- As the Mac is slightly different from windows so there is the different way to install and make your printers work
  6. Printer won’t connect- There may be the driver issue, hardware malfunction, and other things.
  7. Printer not connecting to laptop
  8. Wireless printer not printing- The problem is common with the wireless printer or wifi printer. Click the start button> add device> wireless printer
  9. Printer is printing blank pages
  10. Printer driver installation


Why is my Printer not printing?

Are you facing printing problem and scratching your head? ‘Why my printer is not working.’ Well there are a lot of possibilities; at Printer Issue we ensure we resolve all your printer support queries.
‘My Printer does not Print’ - Printer might not be printing because of the variety of issues, ranging from connectivity with a peripheral device or there can be driver setup issues. Printer Issue support phone number is one stop toll-free helpline for such scenarios.
Printer is Offline – One of the most common error, why your printer is not printing, can be printer is in the offline state. This means the printer is not being found by your computer or the device from which you want to access it.
Printer shows error code – If your printer shows you an error code that means it got stuck in between a process and needs troubleshooting. You can either check the manual for the respective code or consult a technician for further troubleshooting.
Printer won’t turn on – There might be hardware damage or a faulty wire connection which may cause this problem. Such issues need to be diagnosed. Hardware failure is a high possibility in such cases. Tech care is required in such cases.
Printer shows paper jam – if your printer got stuck while printing a document, it might have struck on to a paper jam state. Paper jams can as simple as removing the struck printer while can be complex where you need to de-assemble the printer parts to find a jam.
Printer Drivers not installed – Printer might not be printing because of faulty or third party non-compatible drivers. Software check of drivers is required to verify they are from the right manufacturer and are compatible with your computer.


Why is my Printer not responding?

This might have happened, that you were trying to print a document and message printer not responding appears on the screen. This issue is generally because of the spooler. Print spooler service might not be functioning properly on the computer due to which printer is not responding to the given commands. Such issues can be resolved by restarting the spooler service. Printer not responding issue may also come because of corrupted or non-functioning drivers. If services related to your printer drivers are not functioning, again communication errors might come, so reinstalling drivers can also fix such issues.


Why is my Printer Offline?

We often see many users face this problem twice or thrice in a day and have no idea about what’s going on. Sometime system might show printer online and later it goes offline.
Your printer might be offline because of these reasons.

  • Printer USB cable not working
    One of the common reasons why your printer is offline might be because of a faulty or broken USB cable. USB cable connection is known as series setup and will show on your computer’s control printer as a series printer. This should be the first troubleshooting step if you are using a USB cable to connect your printer.
  • Printer not connecting to Wireless
    Your printer might be showing offline if it does not have an active connection with your home wireless network. Network wireless setup might be done through a USB, LAN cable, SSID setup, WPS Network Setup (Push Button), WPS PIN setup.
  • Driver Problems
    Incompatible drivers can also be a reason for your printer showing offline. Driver compatibility depends on your printer model number and operating system on which you are installing your printer. Compatible driver ensures your printer can communicate with the operating system.
  • Operating System Problems
    Except for the above-mentioned issues there are issues related to the operating system as well which can lead to a printer offline message. Such communication errors include print spooler errors and print service errors. Every operating system uses its inbuilt services to access third-party drivers, any fault in operating system services can also lead to such messages.


Printer Technical support number for any printer issue

Printer Issue Helpline provides round the clock Printer technical support for various brands. Our remote support engineers will get your printer related problems resolved from the ease of your home. Call our Printer Technical Support Phone Number for an instant solution to any printer related issue. We provide independent third-party support for various brands and are one of the most trusted Printer Support Helpline 1-888-502-0552.
Support process with printer issue tech team is as easy as three steps.

  1. Grab your phone and Dial our Printer Customer Support Number. One of our printer help support representative will get connect with you shortly, please hold the line.
  2. Share your Printer Issue with our online support agent or simply chat with our agent through Printer Support Chat feature.
  3. Technicians will be working online and they will be assisting you over the phone in troubleshooting your issue. Just in a matter of minutes, you will be able to setup your printer. Feel free to share your technical challenges with our tech team as they have expertise in a variety of technologies which will always keep you ahead of your printer problems.


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