Frank is happy that Brentford isn’t going anywhere.

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank insists he is happy at the football club. After the news that Brighton was interested in pulling him to sit in the coach’s chair.

         Graeme Potter, the Seagulls manager, has left the team to manage Chelsea, who sacked Thomas Tuchel. Causing the team to find a new coach to act. Which Frank is one of the people who are linked But referred to as happy with the agency. Ready to talk about moving to control “Sing the Blues” of Potter as well UFABET 

         “From the outside, I don’t know what Graeme was thinking, so I might have thought differently. It is to act in balance. While he’s at Brighton and then you have ambitions,” Frank said.

         “He had the opportunity to walk with one of the best clubs in the world and see if he could do some magic there. which I believe he can Much of the situation depends on which club has contacted you. When it’s a big club There might be an opportunity to create something.”

         “I wouldn’t say it was more special than what he did at Brighton because what he built was very special. But perhaps it suits you better than being with the best team in the world year after year. Not trying to put the team in the middle of the table.”

         “Trying to win the Premier League and the Champions League, I think is a challenge. I am in a very happy position at Brentford, I focus on it every day. So for me it must be something very special. football is football But what is certain is that I am very happy.”