Javier Tebas threatens to UEFA over Premier League money.

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Javier Tebas president of La Liga Spain wears the spirit of Srisuwan Janya. Prepare to hijack UEFA Investigate the case of the English Premier League. Spending money on the past summer market, is it a crime?

The total number of reinforcements for the top 20 elite league member clubs has reached a staggering £2 billion, more than many other top European leagues. In addition, the per capita payout affects the entire market mechanism UFABET

For this reason, Tebas considers it appropriate to file a complaint pointing to the wrongdoing. Finding a story for the English Premier League to be hit with a sword

” The English Premier League earns only 1.8 times more than the Spanish La Liga or the German Bundesliga, but the amount spent is 20 times more than La Liga, which controls money well, ” said the young executive. 60 years said  

“ A lot of things don’t make sense there. But what exactly happened ? A lot of clubs write checks payable for fun hands like Man City that cost a lot. ” 

“ Even if the English League Championship With a five-year total loss of more than £ 2,627 million (€3 billion ). The involvement of the Premier League club’s owners has injected severance pay into La Liga. “

“ The issue would be urged by UEFA to look into it for fairness in accordance with Financial Fair Play rules. ” 

Spain ‘s La Liga spent just £ 404 million in total, less than Serie A or French Ligue 1 .