Jurgen Klopp pointed out that many things were inconsistent with last year’s championship.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has pointed out that. Things were not going well and sometimes decisions were inconsistent. That led to the loss of the Premier League title last season.

         “The Reds” finished second in the table last season with just one point behind champions Manchester City, which Klopp has spoken of on many occasions. It’s against what the team deserves. 

         “I have no problem with anyone at City. They deserve it as much as we deserve it,” Jurgen Klopp told Sport1. “What happened in that moment – some things happened throughout the season when it didn’t go our way. so i think (On the last day) I hope it will not be decisive in the end.” UFABET

         “And then you forget it again and don’t think about it. There is a clear decision from the referee. Do you keep thinking when will it get in our way?”

         “without wearing glasses We were lucky not to concede penalties but we led 2-0 and then… Nothing. What about things that don’t get our way? Handball, clear penalty, no penalty, clear red card, no. that’s what happened I was thinking about it but I didn’t put it in my head for too long.”

         “It doesn’t matter if Manchester City get the result, I can take it, it deserves it. On the other hand, it’s the same on our side. and I can say Today I’m going to sit here and it doesn’t feel any different if I’m going to be a champion and win the Champions League. the league for the second time.”