Manchester United ended the dreams of many teams.

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Manchester United ended the dreams of many teams hoping to win the FA Cup with a 2-1 win over Manchester City.

The Red Devils, whose performance in the league was not good, UFABET finishing only 8th in the table, was able to use their good form to defeat Manchester City 2-1 and successfully win the FA Cup. last Saturday 

Manchester United’s FA Cup win not only caused Manchester City to miss the opportunity to win another double championship after winning the Premier League last week. But it also affects Chelsea and Newcastle.

Chelsea, who finished 6th in the league and secretly had a chance to win a ticket to the Europa League if Manchester City win the FA Cup, but when Manchester United emerged as champions, the “Red Devils” got a ticket to compete in the Europa League next season. Like Spurs, who finished 5th, Chelsea went to play in the Europa Conference League. 

In addition, Newcastle, who hoped to benefit from playing in the Europa Conference League if Manchester City were champions, would also be heartbroken that the quota was not met. As a result, they won’t be able to play in any European cups next season, even though last season they just played in the big Champions League cup.  

Summary of European Cup quotas for English clubs after Manchester United won the FA Cup.

UEFA Champions League: Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Aston Villa

UEFA Europa League: Spurs, Manchester United

Europa Conference League : Chelsea 

In addition, winning the FA Cup means Manchester United will play in the Community Shield against Manchester City again on August 10.