10 food pairs you shouldn’t eat together

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10 food pairs you shouldn’t eat together.

In one meal, many people would like to eat several foods at the same time. But there are some foods that can be harmful to the body if eaten together. The food pairs that should not be eaten together include desserts, drinks, and savory foods. If you want to know which food pairs there are, admin has the answer for you. Report from สมัคร ufabet

1. Durian + alcoholic beverages.

Because durian has a lot of sulfur. Sulfur is a substance that dissolves well in alcohol, causing this substance to enter the bloodstream quickly. Makes you drunk quickly and can cause abnormalities in the respiratory system. In addition, by eating durian along with alcohol, the body will receive too much energy, causing blood sugar levels to rise quickly, resulting in increased metabolic processes to eliminate waste. May cause flushing, numbness, dizziness and vomiting. If not treated in time, it may be life threatening.

2. Durian + soda

Because soft drinks and durian are foods that have a very sweet taste and have a very high sugar content. When eaten together, the body will receive excessive amounts of sugar. Especially in diabetics, it can cause high blood sugar and have negative effects on the body.

3. Honey + hot tea/hot water

This is because the heat will destroy the vitamins in honey. Therefore, if you want to drink honey tea, you should use tea that is at room temperature. Or water with a temperature that is not too high.

4. Alcohol + spicy food

Drinking alcohol and spicy things They always belong together. But in reality, alcohol and spicy foods are known to accelerate blood flow. This is very dangerous, especially for patients with high blood pressure. and is allergic Must be very careful.

5. Banana + taro

Bananas and taro are foods that are high in starch. Eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates can cause bloating. But if eaten in small quantities, it will not harm the body.

6. Milk + vegetables/foods that are high in fiber.

Fiber (fiber) or fiber from various types of vegetables It has the function of absorbing fat. Therefore, drinking milk with vegetables will cause dietary fiber from vegetables, fruits, or foods that are high in fiber (high in fiber) to interfere with the body’s absorption of calcium and minerals. Milk should be drunk away from meals.

7. Tea + medicine

Medicine is best taken with water. Other types of water may reduce the efficiency of drug absorption.

8. Pork + ice cream

Because pork is a protein that is difficult to digest, it takes a long time to digest. When eaten together with cold things like ice cream, it makes the stomach cold and cannot be digested well enough. Eating these two foods together Therefore causing the stomach to work harder, causing the digestive system to not work well enough.

10. Boiled eggs + coffee (caffeinated drink)

Because in coffee, tea or beverages that contain caffeine Caffeine will react with sulfur in boiled eggs. This will prevent the body from absorbing iron. This causes the body to receive a smaller amount of iron. If you want to eat eggs with coffee You should choose a fried egg. Or omelet instead.